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Note For Artists


We are looking forward to an outstanding Fallasburg Arts Festival on September 18 & 19, and we are excited to have you participate as an artist in the event!

We appreciate your flexibility as this is the first-time that we are NOT allowed to drive vehicles on the grass at the park. We have worked hard to come up with a load-in schedule and procedure that accommodates artist needs as much as we are able. More details are below. One other reminder, because of the new sprinkling system at the park, artists are also not allowed to stake their tents - please bring weights to hold down your tent.

Check-in All artists are required to first go to the check-in tent (located across the street from the festival grounds) at their assigned check-in time. Here you will be given a packet with your booth number, a map, and parking pass. Please put your parking pass on your dashboard so we know you have checked in.

Proceed to Load-in Once you have been authorized to load-in, you can proceed to your assigned loading zone or your assigned parking spot. Artists have been assigned to either the Arch Loading Zone or Playground Loading Zone, or, if you purchased preferred parking, your parking spot becomes your loading zone. (There are few exceptions to this, when both a loading zone time and parking spot were needed). Please note, there will only be one-way traffic through the park, and cars will not be allowed to stop along the road.

Parking Spot Load-in If you are in an assigned parking spot for load-in, there is not a time-limit for un-loading. You will just need to be out of the park by dusk on Friday, and set-up can continue 7am to 9:30am on Saturday.

Loading Zones Artists could request either a 1/2 hour or 1 hour time slot in the loading zones. Unload all of your items as quickly as you are able and bring your items to your booth location. Then, move your vehicle to the Field parking lot across the street. You will just need to be out of the park by dusk on Friday, and set-up can continue 7am to 9:30am on Saturday.

Annual Raffle Are you willing to donate an item to the Annual Raffle? The funds raised by the raffle support the programs and events of LowellArts. This donation is completely optional. This is a very popular part of our event, and artists support is greatly appreciated. Items to be donated will be picked up at your booth by volunteers between 9am-11am on Saturday morning.

Booth Sitters When the volunteers come around on Saturday to collect a raffle item from you, please let them know if you will need a booth sitter during the lunch-hour (11am to 2pm) on Saturday and/or Sunday. Event volunteers will be available to watch artists booths, please limit breaks to 20 minutes.

Load-out The event ends at 5:00pm on Sunday. No early tear down please! Vehicles will not be allowed to drive up to booths for tear-down, you must load-up from a parking space or from one of the loading zones. The one-way traffic pattern through the back of the park will be in effect!

Exit Ticket If you need to get your car from across the street, pack-up first, and then retrieve your vehicle. Artists who need to use the loading zones, must get an Exit Ticket from an event organizer before gaining access to the loading zone.

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Booth Numbers

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Check-In Times & Parking

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