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The vision is to reach a wider audience by collaborating with media partners. LowellArts is seeking media partners who, upon making a formal commitment, will have the rights to re-publish the content of the feature including; the video interview, article text, photos, pre-pandemic performance video links, and links to the artist website and merchandise. Please contact LowellArts if you are interested in becoming a media partner.

featured artist Series

Monthly features offering audiences a personal, insiders view into the current music scene from the perspective of West Michigan's talented performers.

Each feature consists of an in depth live-recorded video interview with the artist, an artist profile, and images of past performances. The LowellArts Music Committee created this program to further the LowellArts mission of connecting artists and audiences. The series gives West Michigan listeners a chance to meet the people behind the music.


September Featured Artist:

Drew Nelson

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August Featured Artist:

Bruce Matthews Band


July Featured Artist:

Nicholas James and the Bandwagon


June Featured Artist:

Benzing Graves Collective


May Featured Artist:

Kyle Rasche


April Featured Artist:

Josh Rose


March Featured Artist:

Roger MacNaughton


Feb Featured Artist: