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LowellArts Live

SummeR Concert Series

LowellArts Live Kickstarter Concert Fund.


$5000 in donations will fund 4 more great concerts on the Showboat Stage in Lowell.


LowellArts Live Summer Concert Series

A collection of up and coming musical acts presented live on the Lowell Showboat Stage.

LowellArts would like to entertain you this summer while giving more acts an opportunity to perform on the beautiful Lowell Showboat Stage. We'd like to invite exciting new, up-and-coming acts that deserve your attention, and present them in a series of four Wednesday night concerts through the last half of summer 2022.

We're calling this the LowellArts Live Summer Concert Series. To make this series happen, we need money to promote the series and to make sure the musicians and sound crew get paid. 


We've already written grants and hit up the local businesses to put on the Thursday night concerts. Now we're coming to you, the people of West Michigan, and asking for your help. Not just to hear the concerts, but to support local musicians and help them introduce their music to fresh ears.

Donate to the LowellArts Live Kickstarter Concert Fund