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LowellArts Gallery

August 20 to October 8, 2022


Quick FActs



  • One piece of art.

  • Something new.

  • Something suitable for all viewing audiences.

  • Something ready to display.

  • Something for sale.




Deadline to Submit

July 25, 11:59pm

Exhibit Dates
August 20 to October 8

Artwork Drop-Off
August 9, 10, 11, & 12 10am–6pm
August 13, 12–5pm

Artwork Pick-up
October 11–14, 10am–6pm


Artwork Entry Checklist


  • By July 25 – Finalize entry, fill out on-line entry, upload an image of entry to the form.

  • July 29 – Notification of acceptance will be emailed.

  • August 9 to 13 – Bring in your artwork ready to be displayed.


Verify that your LowellArts membership is current upon delivery of piece. (Annual membership should be current through October 2022.)

Artwork Identification
At the time of drop-off, verify the information that is to be posted next to the piece is correct. If it is not, corrections can be made to the master list.

Artwork Identification Includes:

  • Artist Name

  • Artwork Title

  • Artwork Media

  • Artwork Price

Artwork Entry Conditions
Upon drop-off, the artist ensures that the artwork display requirements have been met and that the artwork is ready for display.


Artwork Display Requirements

Artwork must be ready for presentation upon delivery.

All hanging works should be framed and fitted with secure hanging wire.

D-Rings are allowed for larger, heavy 2-dimensional pieces.

Fabric wrapped canvases are allowed and do not require additional framing.

Frames with exposed glass edges are not acceptable.

Saw tooth hangers are not permitted.

Entries must be dry, completely assembled, framed, matted, or mounted.

Multiple panel pieces (diptychs, triptychs, etc.) cannot exceed 62 inches in any one direction once installed.

3-dimensional entries that hang must have adequate hanging hardware or hanging system.

Work requiring special handling or installation will be accepted only at the discretion of LowellArts.

Unsuitably prepared, hazardous, unstable, or extremely fragile works will be declined.

U-Create: LowellArts Member Exhibition

U-Create: LowellArts Member Exhibition will be on display August 20 to October 8, and will feature the unique visual artwork created by LowellArts members. LowellArts member artists, age 14 and older, are invited to submit one piece of art in any media.


Eligible art or fine craft needs to have been created within the last 2 years, be suitable for all viewing audiences, be ready for display, and be for sale. The goal of the exhibition is to showcase the unique creations of as many LowellArts members as possible.

Deadline for Entries

July 25, 11:59pm

How to Enter

Fill out the on-line google form with artist information (name and contact info) & entry information (title, media, dimensions, and price). Upload image of artwork to the form.

Artwork Entry Conditions

Artists submitting artwork must be current members of LowellArts.

If you are not already a member of LowellArts, you can become one! If you are wondering what membership is about, the premise is simple. LowellArts is a non-profit. Our mission is to connect you with arts programs and events. Membership ensures that the LowellArts mission stays a reality for everyone. Annual memberships are $20 for students, $40 for individuals, and $65 for families.

Any type of artist or craftsperson can participate.

Any artwork or fine craft is eligible to be submitted by the artist or craftsperson who made it. All skill levels are welcome, artists do not need to be considered professional. The goal is to showcase the creations of as many of our members as possible, and to represent a very diverse cross-section of the community.

Only one piece of artwork in any media that meets the size restriction can be entered.

2-dimensional entries may be no larger than 62 inches in any one direction, including the width of the frame. 3-dimensional work must fit through a standard door frame, be no larger than 62 inches in any one direction, and be no heavier than what can be lifted by 2 people.


The artwork must not have been previously displayed at LowellArts, must have been completed in the last 2 years, and be by artists at least 14 years old.

Only original artwork completed within the past 2 years is eligible. We want to encourage younger artists who are serious about making art. We ask that artists be at least 14 years old. We want to encourage individuals to submit their best work – whether they consider themselves an artist or not. We also want to encourage the more “seasoned” artists to show something new, maybe work in a new medium or a different subject matter.


All artwork must be family-friendly and suitable for all viewing audiences.

Artwork will be screened to make sure it is able to be displayed in a professional manner and that it is appropriate for all viewing audiences.


All artwork must be dropped off ready to display with adequate hanging hardware.

2-dimensional artwork must be framed, fabric wrapped canvases are allowed and do not require additional framing. Frames with exposed glass edges are not acceptable. Saw-toothed hangers are not acceptable. All of the artwork submitted must be presented in a professional manner. Please refer to the list of guidelines to make sure your artwork is ready to display.

All artwork must be for sale.

Artwork must remain on display for the duration of the exhibit, but all pieces need to be for sale. If it sells while on display, a nice red dot will be placed next to your piece. LowellArts requires a 30% commission on all artwork sold during the exhibition. We will take care of getting payment (including sales tax) from the buyer and connect them with their piece after the exhibit.

Artwork Delivery
All accepted entries must be hand-delivered or shipped to: LowellArts, 223 W Main St, Lowell, MI 49331. The new LowellArts Gallery is located in historic downtown Lowell at the corner of Broadway and Main Street.


Shipped Work
Shipped works must be prepaid and arrive by Friday, August 12. For shipped work, please include a prepaid return shipping label with the entry. All packing and shipping costs are the responsibility of the artist.

Artwork Identification
Artists with accepted entries will be provided an identification label at the time of drop-off to affix to their piece. At drop-off, there will be a list of information to be included on the label with your piece – this is the information that was provided with your entry. All artists will be asked to verify this information. Corrections or minor changes can be made to the information at this time. *Note: If someone other than the artist will be dropping off or picking up a piece, the artist should contact LowellArts via email beforehand.

Accepted entries must remain in the exhibition through October 8. Artists must call ahead to authorize someone other than themselves to pick-up their work, otherwise artwork will not be released to anyone except the artist. Artwork not picked up at the designated times will be considered abandoned and become the property of LowellArts. Shipped artworks will be sent back in the packing materials they arrived in. Return of shipped artwork will begin October 18. Shipment costs are the responsibility of the artist.


Legal Agreement
LowellArts reserves the right to not display artwork that differs from the submitted images or information provided by the artist. LowellArts will take every precaution to ensure protection of artwork. Owners of artwork will release and hold harmless LowellArts, its staff, and volunteers of any liability that may arise by damage, loss, or theft while artwork is on the LowellArts premises. LowellArts is not responsible for any damage to art objects incurred during regular handling of the work during installation and exhibition. Artists wishing to otherwise insure their work should contact their insurance agents directly. All artwork must arrive be ready to install and meet the entry conditions as described by LowellArts. If these conditions are not met, the artwork will not be included in the exhibition. Entry to the exhibition also constitutes the artists’ consent to LowellArts to use images of their artwork for publicity purposes. All artwork not picked up at the designated times will be considered abandoned and become the property of LowellArts.