MCACA Minigrant Program

LowellArts is the regional re-granting agency for the following 4b counties: Barry, Ionia, Kent, Lake, Mecosta, Montcalm, Newaygo, Osceola.

The State of Michigan Minigrant Program is a partnership between the MCACA and fifteen regional re-granting agencies throughout the state. Two opportunities are available to address local arts and cultural needs as well as increasing public access to arts and culture.

Deadline to Apply

August 3, 2020




Email Lorain Smalligan:

Who Can Apply
You are able to apply for both the Arts Projects Minigrant and the POD Minigrant. Eligible Non-profit Organizations include (but not limited to):

•  Service organizations
•  Arts organizations
•  Parks and Recreational organizations
•  Libraries
•  Professional associations
•  Public and Non-public schools
•  Cities, Townships, and Villages
•  Individual Artists (POD Grants only)

The Minigrant Program is a grants-giving program that has two opportunities:

1 - Arts Project Minigrant

2 - Professional / Organizational Development Minigrant (POD)

Arts Project Minigrant

Arts Project Minigrants provide up to $4,000 for production, presentation, and creation of arts and culture that promotes public engagement, diverse and excellent art, life-long learning in the arts, and the strengthening or livability of communities through locally developed arts and culture.

Professional/Organizational Development Minigrant

Professional / Organizational Development Minigrant (POD) provides up to $1,500 to assist non-profit arts and cultural organizations, artists, arts administrators, and arts educators with opportunities that specifically improves their management and/or brings the artist or the arts organization to another level artistically. In addition, the Minigrant POD program provides Michigan and individual Michigan artists/arts administrators/arts professionals a presence at national conferences and workshops.

​All applicants will be submitted as an on-line application at

LowellArts support for the Minigrant Program includes:

  • Answering any questions your organization has regarding your program and/or application

  • Grant writing assistance and budgeting consultation / assistance

  • Grant program administration and site-visits to funded projects


Questions or to set-up a consultation phone call, email, or site visit regarding your application, contact: Lorain Smalligan, LowellArts Executive Director,, (616) 897-8545.

Arts Project Guidelines & POD Guidelines for 2020 will be available in March.

About the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs


A vibrant arts and cultural scene is important to strong communities and Michigan’s excellent quality-of-life, and ultimately, to Michigan’s economy.

The Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs (MCACA) strengthens arts and culture in Michigan by increasing its visibility; supporting arts education; encouraging new, creative and innovative works of art; and broadening cultural understanding. A key conduit for arts and cultural information, MCACA is also a source of arts and culture grant funding.

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