LowellArts Members Exhibition

New & You is an exhibit showcasing the visual artwork done by you - our loyal members and supporters.

A LowellArts Exhibit For You


New & You

August 29 - October 17

New & You is an exhibit to showcase the visual artwork done by you - our loyal members and supporters. This exhibit is a new version of our bi-annual LowellArts Members Exhibition.


We are looking for NEW art made by YOU.

Commit by June 30.  Enter by July 31. Drop-off August 18 to 22.

Committed Artists

Molly Alicki Corriveau
Jean Allemeier Boot
Cindy Allen
Jan Andre
Ralph Annunziata
Jan Arbogast
John Archer
Cindy Awrey
Mary Bamborough
Denice Barker
Serge Barlas
Susan Barlas
Russell Barneveld
Diann Bartnick
Danielle Benson-Fennell
Ted Bergin
Debbie Bergren
Fred Bivins
Barbara Bjelland
Jane E. Blacquiere
Cheryl Blodgett 
Larry Blovits
Lisa Boerema
Kristin Brace
Sharon Brandner
Sharon Brandner
Doug Brinks
Jeffrey brower
Bob Brown
Kris Brown
Michael Bryant
Sheryl Budnik
Dianne Carroll Burdick 
Frank Bylo
Ron Campbell
Ted Carlson
Tina Carney
Diane Charvat
Lanae Chupp
Diane Clise
Nancy Clouse
Sierra Cole
Sam Coon
Laura Crabtree Hollenbeck
Anne T. Crans
Serita Crowley 
Johanna Curwood 
Elaine Dalcher
Wesley De Vries
Darrell DeRuiter
Judy Dine
Lisa Dionne
Jane Dixson-VanBemden
Mary Doezema
Bruce Doll
Jenny Dood
Liam Doyle
Joan Duggan
Wayne Edwards
Jack Eichner
Gary Eldridge
Christopher Embrey
Carol Foerch
Koren Forquer 
Kathy Forzley
Danna Fuller
Teresa Gaudino
Raymond Gaynor
Kimberly Gill
Jennifer Gould
Tristan Green
John Gregg
Anna Greidanus

Donna Groot
Regina Grover
Karen T Hale
Sandy Hansen
Thomas Hegewald
Jennifer Helner
Kathy Herioux
Julie Hofheinz
Jerene Hofman-Bodkins
Deborah Hoover
Saralee Howard
Megan Hubbard
Sarah Hubbard
Grace Huizinga
Lori Ingraham
Bill Ingraham
Sally Jenks
Amy Johnson
Tammy Johnson
Melissa Jones-Fish
Madeline Kaczmarczyk
Kathleen Kalinowski
Lori Kammeraad
David Kerley
Doug Klemm
Colleen Klesmith
Edd Kloote
Charles Knudstrup
Michael Koole
Jane Kropewnicki
Mary Lamson-Burke 
Barbara Lash
Carol Laurn
Darla-Jo LeBaron
John Leben
Susan Ledy
Robert Lee
M. Joy Lemon
Carole Lende-Svec
Jeffrey Lende-Svec
Steve Loar
Sandi Lummen
Brenna Mahn
Randy E. Masterson
Denise Mazur
Lauren Mcauliffe
Sri McCarthy
Patti Mollema
Richard Muller
Thomas J Newhouse
D. O'Mara
Bonnie Palutke
Meredyth Parrish
Karina Peplinski 
Colin Plank
Lawrence Podolak
Darlene Podpolucki
Kendra Postma
Betsy Ratzsch
Suzanne Reinbold
Erin Reinholtz
Loretta K. Rolison
Patti Salka
Tom Sampson
Erin Schauer
Barbara Schilling
Patti Sevensma
Lorain Smalligan
George Spence
Monica Stegeman
Jeanette Stewart
Earl Stringer
Jerri Teelander
Cyn Tennant
Tom Terry
Janet Teunis
Renée Therriault
Jane P. Tobie
Mary Tobin
Deborah Trent
Judith Tummino
Chris VanAntwerp
Jill VanAntwerp
Kelly Vander Kley
Rick Veldman
Julia Voake
Kelly Walkotten
Lisa Willis
Kari Wilson
Lou Wolf Vallance
Jeannette Woltmann
Gerard Wood
Ron Wood
Sara Youngman 
Janine Zomermaand

Who can participate?

1. You must be a current LowellArts Member to participate. 

If you are not already a member, you can become one! If you are wondering what membership is all about, the premise is simple. The LowellArts is a non-profit. Our mission is to connect you with arts programs and events. Your membership ensures that the LowellArts mission stays a reality for you and everyone. Annual memberships are $20 for students, $40 for individuals, and $65 for families.

2. Any type of artist or craftsperson can participate.

Any artwork or fine craft is eligible to be submitted by the artist or craftsperson who made it. All skill levels are welcome, you do not need to be considered a professional. The goal is to showcase the creations of as many of our members as possible, and we hope that represents a very diverse cross-section of the community! Since this is an exhibit in a gallery, we are looking for pieces that can be displayed in a gallery setting.

3. You must be at least 14 years old to participate.

We want to encourage younger artists who are serious about making art. We are looking for artists who are at least 14 years old who are looking for a place to display their best work. We also want to encourage individuals of all ages to submit their best work - whether you consider yourself an artist or not - we want to see your art on display. This could be the start of something new for you, no matter what age you are.

Quick Facts


1. Be or become a LowellArts Member.​

2. You don't need to be a professional.

3. Be at least 14 yrs. old.


1. One piece of art.​

2. Something new.

3. Something suitable for all viewing audiences.

4. Something ready to display.

5. Something for sale.


1. Review the timeline.​

2. By June 30 - Commit by filling out an on-line form.

3. By July 31 - Finalize entry and attach image to an on-line form.

4. By August 18 to 22 - Finish the art and bring it in.

What can I Enter?

1. Only one piece of artwork in any media that meets the size restriction can be entered.

We want to accommodate as many pieces as possible, so only one piece per artist please. 2-dimensional entries may be no larger than 62 inches in any one direction, including the width of the frame. 3-dimensional work must fit through a standard door frame, be no larger than 62 inches in any one direction, and be no heavier than what can be lifted by 2 people.

2. The artwork must not have been previously displayed at LowellArts, and must be considered new to you!

Show us your new work! Only original artwork completed within the past 2 years is eligible. Maybe making art is not new to you. We want to encourage the more "seasoned" artists to show something new, maybe work in a new medium or a different subject matter. Surprise us.

3. All artwork must be family-friendly and suitable for all viewing audiences.

This is not a juried show, meaning the goal is not to see whose work is the best. However, artwork will be screened to make sure it is able to be displayed in a professional manner and that it is appropriate for all viewing audiences.


4. All artwork must be dropped off ready to display with adequate hanging hardware.

2-dimensional artwork must be framed, fabric wrapped canvases are allowed and do not require additional framing. Frames with exposed glass edges are not acceptable. Saw-toothed hangers are not acceptable. All of the artwork submitted must be presented in a professional manner. Please refer to the longer list of guidelines (that will be provided later) to make sure your artwork is ready to display.

5. All artwork must be for sale.

Artwork must remain on display for the duration of the exhibit, but all pieces need to be for sale. If it sells while on display, a nice red dot will be placed next to your piece. LowellArts requires a 30% commission on all artwork sold during the exhibition. We will take care of getting payment (including sales tax) from the buyer and connect them with their piece after the exhibit.

What are the next steps?

1. Review the timeline to make sure you can complete the piece and deliver it on time.

Accurate information regarding the medium, size, and price of the piece will need to be submitted (via an on-line form) by July 31. ​ Drop-off of the artwork is August 18-21, 10am-6pm or August 22, 10am-5pm. ​The exhibit will open to the public August 29 and will be on display through October 17. Pick-up for artwork is October 20-22, 10am-6pm.

2. Complete the short, on-line Commitment Form to reserve a spot in the show by June 30.

The form will gather basic information about you and general information about the piece you intend to enter. Any info you can share about the medium, approximate size, and shape of your piece is appreciated. Remember, we are looking for NEW work so it is ok if you simply do not know yet. For planning purposes, we ask that you commit to participating and share any info that you can.



3. Finalize what you will enter and submit an image on-line by July 31.

Accurate information regarding the medium, size, and price of the piece will need to be submitted (via an on-line form) by July 31. At this point in the process we will also ask you to attach an image to the on-line Final Entry Form so that we can see your piece before you bring it in. If it is not finished, that is ok. This is a screening process to make sure it is suitable for all viewing audiences.

4. Finish the art and bring it (or ship it) to LowellArts August 18 to 22.

When your piece is finished and you have make sure it is ready to display (framed, wired, etc.), either drop it off in person during the drop-off days or ship it to LowellArts. Drop-off dates and times: Tuesday through Friday, August 18 to 21, 10am-6pm & Saturday, August 22, 10am-5pm. Shipped work should abe scheduled to arrive August 18 to 21, 10am-6pm. Shipping address: LowellArts, 223 W Main St, Lowell, MI 49331. Shipped work must arrive with a return shipping label.

223 W Main Street

Lowell, MI 49331



Gallery Hours:

TUES thru FRI  10am-6pm

SAT 12pm-5pm

Closed July 3 to 6


LowellArts is accessible to all visitors – whatever their ability. Ramped entrance directly accessible from the handicapped parking area. Automatic door accessibility. Wheelchair accessible restrooms and pathways. Certified Service Animals welcome. Feel free to call in advance of your visit so we can accommodate any special needs.

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