LowellArts TheatRE

The LowellArts Players is our community theatre group that presents several productions each year.

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2023 Production Proposals


Individuals are asked to submit a proposal to the LowellArts Theatre Committee for productions to be presented in the 2023 Season.


What to include in your proposal?

Proposals will require your contact information, basic production information, and production specifics.

Basic information includes: the title, playwright, production type, intended audience, and licensing and script costs.


Production specifics includes: the genre, casting requirements (number of people and character ages), time period, a brief synopsis, set and other technical requirements, and a section for explaining why you are proposing the play.


How to submit a proposal?

Proposals should be submitted by filling out an online proposal form. Production Proposals will be accepted year-round, however, proposals will not be in consideration until the fall prior to our next theatre season. Please submit one form per production, multiple forms per person will be accepted.

Deadline to Submit for the 2023 Season: TBD (Fall 2022)