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Song Camp

Songwriting Workshops and Camping

May 15, 16, 17, 2020



Meals are included in workshop fee. Coffee, Iced Tea and well water will be available. Guests are encouraged to bring snacks, a water bottle and adult beverages for the fire pit. All meals prepared by Ted Bergin.

* Menu from 2019

Friday Dinner
Taco Bar - Pulled Spicy Pork, Shredded Garlic Chicken, Refried Pinto Beans, Pinto Been Salad, Fresh Corn, Sweet Potato Hash, Pico De Gallo, Pickled Cabbage, Stir Fried Peppers and Onions, Corn and Wheat Shells, Sauces

Saturday Breakfast
Buttermilk Panckates, John's Homemade Light Maple Syrup, Maple Sausage, Mixed Fruit Salad

Saturday Lunch
Spicy Vegetarian Black Bean Chili, Pork and Chicken Reprise, Rice, Preserved Lemon Salad with Tomato

Saturday Dinner
Marinated Chicken Thighs, Pasta with Pesto and Fresh Parmesan, Cucumber Salad

Sunday Brunch
Buttermilk Pancakes, Zeppole with Lime Glaze, Bacon, John's Homemade Light Maple Syrup, Mixed Fruit Salad, Seared Asparagus with Morels


Attendees are encouraged to enjoy rustic camping onsite. Limited 110v electric and space is available for RVs on a first come, first serve basis. There are lots of great tent camping sites. Everyone is welcome to use the restrooms and showers in the house. We will be welcoming guests from Thursday evening until Sunday night.

Other lodging options, not included in workshop fee.

Lowell Fairgrounds
Full hookups for RVs are available at the home of the Kent County Youth Fair. This is .7 miles from the Wenger property. Contact the Kent County Youth Fair, 225 S Hudson, Lowell, phone: (616) 897-6050 or email:

Main Street Inn
This seven room hotel is located on the Flat River in downtown Lowell. It is 1.6 miles from the workshop location. Contact Main Street Inn, 117 West Main Street, Lowell, Phone: (616) 897-1171.

LowellArts Song Camp

Songwriting Workshops and Camping



May 15, 16 & 17, 2020



This weekend-long songwriting workshop and camping experience features peer reviews, song critiques, song recordings, writing exercises, late-night song circles, jam sessions, and more. You can also enjoy Chakra balancing, a mushroom hunt, nature, and hiking on the Wenger property, which is located one-mile from LowellArts, with nine acres of woods, lawns, fire pits, and camp sites.

The event is hosted by musicians: Nicholas James Thomasma, Bruce Ling, Dede Alder, and Josh Rose. Registration will be open until all spots are filled, there are 30 spots available. The workshop fee includes all song-writing activities, recreational activities, on-site camping, and expertly prepared food for the entire weekend.

Workshop fee: $125


Nicholas James Thomasma

Singer songwriter and Earthwork Music artist Nicholas James Thomasma combines stories and songs with humor and wit for a show that can be enjoyed by patrons of all ages. He began writing songs as a child and then learned guitar at age 19. In 2007 he received the Elyse Fishman Scholarship from Wheatland Music Organization to pursue songwriting and since then he has released 5 albums of original material, attended multiple songwriting camps, retreats and workshops including recently completing a month-long Artist in Residence Program in Harbor Beach, MI in Oct/Nov 2019. He tours all over the country often in his bright orange 1973 Volkswagen Bus. In 2018 he achieved a lifelong goal of traveling to Madrid, Spain to perform. His new album, Rolling Home will be released in 2020.

Bruce Ling

Bruce Ling, award winning fiddler, mandolinist, and guitarist, has been writing songs and melodies for over 50 years. He fronts the string band Hawks and Owls, and lends his vocals and multi-instrumental skills to others in both performance and in the recording studio.

A songwriter needs the skills to provide a solid rhythmic and chordal foundation to the wordsmith process, as well as being able to envision where instrumental melodies connect and lift the vocal melodies. Taking that process a step further, vocal and instrumental harmonies lift a song from a two dimensional space to a multi-dimensional Plane. This is a skill that Bruce will share in one-on-one sessions.

Dede Alder

From humble beginnings, Dede has paved her way on her own experimental, alternative, off the grid musical journey. Dede started playing percussion in 5th grade band. She started her own percussion business while still in High School at the age of 18, called Rhythmic Adventures; Drum Circle Facilitation. At the age of 20, Dede started accompanying her singing and songwriting on vibraphone, and remains a very rare performer to combine singing and mallet percussion together. Her vocal style mixes sweetness with deep soul, a unique combo that you can only experience for yourself. A longtime member of Earthwork Music, Dede has been teaching, facilitating, writing and performing music for over 20 years.

​Josh Rose

In any modern conversation, you might hear the term cloud used as a reference to a location where objects are stored: videos, files, pics, passwords, and data. The cloud has come to represent some hazy encrypted vault where technological giants hold the keys and where access is only granted to the few. However, Josh Rose grew up knowing a different concept of clouds and spent days wandering under them, wondering with them, and pulling songs from their gaseous atmosphere. Josh Rose’s wistful songs allow all people with interest to extract what they can from the cloud, to open the floodgates, and to share in the beauty of music, earth, humanity, and air. Every one of his songs is a cloud: unique, beautiful, and ephemeral.

223 W Main Street

Lowell, MI 49331


Gallery Hours:

TUES thru FRI  10am-6pm

SAT 12pm-5pm


LowellArts is accessible to all visitors – whatever their ability. Ramped entrance directly accessible from the handicapped parking area. Automatic door accessibility. Wheelchair accessible restrooms and pathways. Certified Service Animals welcome. Feel free to call in advance of your visit so we can accommodate any special needs.

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