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Annual Report

Engaging the community, supporting artists

Image of pie chart for Fiscal Year 2019 revenue.

Earned Income:
Theater and gallery concert tickets, classes, artwork sales, entry fees, raffle, Fallasburg Arts Festival

Program and event sponsorships, year-end donations

Lowell Area Community Fund, United Way

Memberships, year-end donations

Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs, National Endowment for the Arts, City of Lowell

Image of pie chart of Fiscal Year 2019 operating expenses.

Programs and Services:
Direct costs for gallery, theater, music events, classes, Fallasburg Arts Festival


Theater management, musicians’ performances, class instruction, commission on artwork sales, awards

Facility and Overhead:
Utilities, insurance, accounting, repairs and maintenance

Grantwriting, fundraising events, membership drives, regranting (MCACA Minigrants)

LowellArts is a 501(c)3 designated nonprofit organization. The purpose of a nonprofit is to provide programs and services identified by its community and defined by the nonprofit’s mission. LowellArts believes that the arts are an integral part of our quality of life. Contributions from individuals, businesses, foundations and the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs are vital to our ability to deliver creative arts programming to our community. LowellArts mission includes serving artists by “Connecting Artists and Audiences through the Visual and Performing Arts.”

These 2019 report financials are for the LowellArts annual operating budget, including the Lowell Showboat Sizzlin’ Summer Concerts that LowellArts co-produces with the Lowell Area Chamber of Commerce. This report does not include fundraising for the facility.

Michigan’s creative industries are a powerful force across our state contributing to the vibrancy of our communities, growth and prosperity of our economy, and the education of Michigan’s youth as the leaders and innovators for our future.

–Creative Many

Interior photo of LowellArts featuring artwork hanging on white walls

LowellArts connects artists and audiences through the visual and performing arts.


Our welcoming, vibrant organization has been growing since its inception in 1977 and is made up of committed arts enthusiasts. Our staff, volunteers, and supporters make exceptional, heartfelt efforts to bring exciting artwork and performances to our city. We provide creative opportunities for artists at all skill levels and ages in visual art, theater, music, and more.

Gallery Exhibitions
We offer opportunities for artists locally and statewide to exhibit and sell their art in a professional gallery setting. Our rotating gallery exhibitions are free and open to the public.

6 exhibitions
402 visual artists
$37,961 visual artist fees paid (70% commission on artwork sales)
24,650 attendees
986 volunteer hours


We offer classes and workshops in visual art, theater, and more for youth, teens, and adults. Song Camp is a weekend-long, musician-hosted songwriting workshop and camping experience featuring peer reviews, song critiques, song recordings, writing exercises, late-night song circles, jam sessions, and more.

19 classes and song camp
16 artists and instructors
$5,810 artist and instructor fees paid
183 attendees
100 volunteer hours

"I really enjoy volunteering in the gallery. My goal is for more people to learn what a wonderful resource they will find in LowellArts."

-Betsy Ratzsch

Photo of people walking around the Fallasburg Festival on a sunny day.


(summer and gallery concerts)
Our gallery concert series features local and regional musicians. We also bring excellent talent to the riverfront stage in downtown Lowell. The free, family-friendly, outdoor Lowell Showboat Sizzlin’ Summer Concerts are on the Riverwalk Plaza each Thursday, all summer long.

27 concerts
119 musicians
$22,900 musician fees paid
11,485 attendees
284 volunteer hours

Fallasburg Arts Festival

This 2-day festival is held in picturesque Fallasburg Park, located approximately 20 miles east of Grand Rapids in Lowell, MI. The free event features over 100 unique fine art and fine craft booths, food booths, children’s craft area, craft demonstrations, and music performed on an outdoor stage. 

199 visual artists and musicians
$7,782 visual artist and musician fees paid
35,000 attendees
779 volunteer hours

"We are very thankful for the dedicated staff at LowellArts! The new facility is beautiful, and it’s a wonderful place for family, friends, and community to gather for a great variety of art events."

-Cheryl and Brian Doyle

Photo of person playing drums at Gallery Concert at LowellArts
Photo of two actors on stage hugging during performance at LowellArts


(LowellArts Theatre)
Our community theater group presents several productions each year, including theater plays, a playwright festival, and a children’s play.

4 productions

20 performances

58 theater artists

$4,150 theater artist fees paid

1,336 attendees

3,439 volunteer hours

"We feel that our son “found himself” at LowellArts. Once he started acting, we saw him excited, confident, and proud. Thank you LowellArts!"

-Ray and Maggie Duimstra

2019 Totals


exhibits, performances, concerts, classes & festival


artists served


artist fees paid


people served (all ages)


volunteer hours

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