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Photo of the LowellArts sign on front of building

Legacy Giving Program

Growing the endowment fund, the future for Lowellarts


Creating A LowellArts Legacy Giving Program


Contact Janet Teunis at LowellArts to set up a meeting to discuss your options to become part of the LowellArts Legacy Giving Program.




Lowell Area Arts Council DBA LowellArts is a 501 (c)(3) organization.

Photo of people sitting at tables on a sunny day at the Fallasburg Festival.

A LowellArts Legacy Giving Fund


From its beginning, Lowell Area Arts Council, now LowellArts, has welcomed and celebrated members and friends of the arts who have joined us in pursuing our mission of connecting artists and audiences through visual and performing arts. 

The LowellArts Endowment Fund

In 2009, the LowellArts Endowment Fund was established by Chris and Jill VanAntwerp and their son, Jay, for the purpose of generating interest income that would provide on-going support for the organization. Growing the endowment fund is an integral part of planning for the future of LowellArts. Members and friends who take part in the LowellArts Legacy Giving Program are making an investment in the endowment fund that will ensure that the programs and properties of LowellArts will be available for future generations in the Lowell area who love and participate in the arts. These gifts will last in perpetuity, becoming part of a permanent fund that generates income to sustain LowellArts.

Becoming part of the LowellArts Legacy Giving Program

Now, LowellArts is launching the Legacy Giving Program to grow the endowment started by the VanAntwerps. We are asking you to become a part of the this growth by contributing to the LowellArts Endowment Fund as part of your legacy. By making this decision, you become a part of a group of fellow arts enthusiasts who are committed to the future of LowellArts. You will be named in LowellArts publications as a part of the LowellArts Legacy Giving Program unless you prefer to give anonymously.

Contribute in these ways:
-cash or pledges towards a Living Legacy
-deferred gifts (wills, trusts, insurance policies, retirement/IRA accounts, and stocks)
-a combination of the above options 

What is the next step?

Contact Janet Teunis at LowellArts to set up a meeting to discuss your options to become part of the LowellArts Legacy Giving Program. Your financial decisions are important and we encourage you to consult independent professional counsel prior to making your gift.

During the 30 years we lived in Lowell, LowellArts, founded as The Lowell Area Arts Council, was a very significant part of our family life. We were proud to be founding members of the Lowell Area Arts Council. We formed significant friendships working on projects and events with fellow members over the years. Our son, Jay, learned a love of the arts and the significance of community volunteerism growing up as one of the arts council kids. We want Lowell area families to have the experiences we had long into the future. Leaving a donation as part of our will is one way we can help ensure a future for this vital Lowell community organization. We hope others will join us in creating a legacy for LowellArts." 

Chris and Jill VanAntwerp

Photo of Jill and Chris VanAntwerp

"LowellArts has been my 'arts home' for many years. I am so proud that it gives our Lowell community so much pleasure in many diverse and creative artistic endeavors. As a former art teacher, I have marveled at the growth and development of new and unique programs to enhance and educate, and I want this to continue for years to come. I hope you will join me and commit to the LowellArts Legacy Giving Program. You will not be disappointed in your arts investment!" 

Barb Pierce

"Like oxygen, art in all its many forms is essential for humans to survive. For this reason, and many others, I've supported the arts my entire adult life. Now, through a LowellArts Living Legacy, I can see my contributions being put to work in real time while knowing that my support will continue far into the future." 

Laurie C. Kuna

"As longtime Lowell residents, we have found our lives touched by the arts in so many ways, in no small part thanks to LowellArts! As artists, volunteers, board and committee members, and audience participants, we have found our lives enriched by the access to varied visual and performing arts right here in Lowell! In appreciation and gratitude for all they offer, we have long supported LowellArts financially and will continue through planned giving. We want to do our part to ensure that LowellArts will remain a vibrant source of inspiration and enrichment in West Michigan for generations to come!"

Bill and Lori Ingraham

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