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Theatre Season

2024 Productions


Arctic Heating and Cooling
B.C. Pizza
Beachum Flooring

Bernard's Ace Hardware
Canfield Plumbing and Heating, Inc.

Crystal Flash
Curtis Laundry & Dry Cleaners
Fish & Finn Outfitters and Consignment

Flat River Outreach Ministries
Grand River Orthodontics
Great Lakes Paving
Hooper Printing
J & H Family Stores Mobil 
King Milling Co.
Little Caesars Pizza

Lowell Hemp Co.
Maple Ridge Manor of Lowell
Mary Benedict P.C., Attorney at Law

Metric Manufacturing
Reagan Family Dentistry

Roth-Gerst Funeral Homes
Deborah Wilks, State Farm
The Old Theater
Timpson Transport, Inc

Opportunities available to support the LowellArts Theatre and promote your business by placing an advertisement in an upcoming playbill. Contact LowellArts if interested.

Best Kept Secrets

by Peggy Aultman


March 1, 2, 3 & 8, 9, 10

At LowellArts

Auditions: Early January 2024

Four middle-aged friends, Abby, Helen, Liz, and Sue, spend the weekend at Liz’s new home in the country. They decide to play a game, and after some debate, Abby suggests each woman write a secret they’ve never told on a piece of paper, which are then mixed together. The ladies each read a secret aloud as though it was their own. The game begins good-naturedly until one of the slips of paper reveals a very dark secret. After a few tense moments, Liz jokingly owns up to writing it, and the others pass it off as her bizarre sense of humor. But as the weekend progresses, Abby, Helen, and Sue continue to question if Liz’s confession was just a joke or actually the truth.

Best Kept Sectrets - Square.jpg
Photo of intern Jack Rickert in blue Hawaiian shirt against white backdrop.

Jack Rickert,

2023-2024 Theatre Intern

Jack Rickert (he/him) is a 2023 Lowell High School graduate and has participated in every theatre production at the high school during his time there. He also directed a blackbox production of The Brothers Grimm Spectaculathon his senior year. In the fall of 2024, Jack will be attending Grand Rapids Community College to pursue a pre-major in Theatre. He loves working behind the scenes, particularly as a Stage Manager or Director, and is excited to start gaining theatre industry experience!

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