MACC Minigrant Program

Regional Regranting Program

LowellArts support to Region 4B Grant Applicants

Support provided by LowellArts to eligible organizations and individuals in Region 4B includes: answering any questions you or your organization has regarding your program or application,​ consultation and assistance with grant writing and budgeting,​ and grant program administration including site-visits to funded projects.

Contact LowellArts directly with questions or to set-up a consultation phone call, email, or site visit regarding your application.

LowellArts MACC Minigrant Administrator

Lorain Smalligan

Email, (616) 897-8545

Michigan Arts & Culture Council

Regional Regranting Program

LowellArts is one of fifteen nonprofit organizations in Michigan that participates in the Regional Regranting Program. LowellArts receives support from the State of Michigan's Michigan Arts and Culture Council (MACC) and regrants funds to counties in Region 4B.


Grants available to eligible organizations through this program are called Minigrants. Two Minigrants are available: Arts Projects Minigrants and Professional / Organizational Development Minigrants. There are also two MACC grants available for accredited Michigan preK-12 educational institutions: the Arts Equipment & Supplies Grant and the Bus Grant.


LowellArts administers the Minigrant Program and the School Grants for counties in Region 4B which includes: Barry, Ionia, Kent, Lake, Mecosta, Montcalm, Newaygo, and Osceola counties.

Minigrant Program

Professional / Organizational Development Minigrant (POD) provides up to $1,500 to assist non-profit arts and cultural organizations, artists, arts administrators, arts educators and film professionals with opportunities that specifically improve their management and/or brings the artist or arts organization to another level artistically. The Minigrant POD program may provide Michigan arts and cultural orgs, artists, arts administrators and arts educators a presence at national conferences and workshops. 

Arts Projects Minigrant provides up to $4,000 to support special opportunities and address arts and cultural needs locally. The grant can assist in promoting public engagement, diverse and distinctive art, lifelong learning in the arts and the strengthening or livability of communities. Through the arts, projects can support a broad range of artistic expression from all cultures through projects which preserve, produce or present traditional or contemporary arts and culture and/or arts education.

preK-12 School Grants

Arts Equipment & Supplies Grants provide up to $1500 to Michigan preK-12 schools to pay for arts equipment (including repairs of arts equipment) or supplies being used within the classroom/school setting. Michigan preK-12 teachers in any arts discipline may apply for the grant, including; creative writing, film/video, music, visual arts, and theater.

Bus Grants provide up to $500 to Michigan preK-12 schools for the transportation cost of an arts or culture related trip.

How to Apply Using SmartSimple

MACC uses the SmartSimple grant portal for all applications.


SmartSimple registration instructions and SmartSimple Profile instructions are included with the guidelines for each grant program as well as through the links below.


New grantees will need to register and create a profile in the SmartSimple grant portal.

Here are some helpful links:

MACC Grant Basics
Getting a Unique Entity ID

Quick Start - Unique Entity ID
SmartSimple Registration
SmartSimple Profile
SmartSimple User Management
SmartSimple Multiple Users

Grant App Fee Guidelines

LowellArts Past Region 4B Minigrant Awards

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Fiscal Year 2022

Fiscal Year 2021-Round 2

Fiscal Year 2021

Fiscal Year 2020

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Two opportunities are available to address local arts and cultural needs and/or to increase public access to arts and culture.


  • Arts Projects Minigrants

  • Professional / Organizational Development (POD) Minigrants

Fiscal Year 2023 Deadlines


Round 1 Minigrants

Deadline has passed. (August 3, 2022)


Notification to applicants sent on September 20, 2022.

*Round 2 Minigrants

No additional funds available for Round 2 for Region 4B Minigrants.


*NOTE - Not all regions offer Round 2 funding. Round 2 funding availability is based on funds dispersed in Round 1. 

Who Can Apply

You are able to apply for both the Arts Projects Minigrant and the POD Minigrant.


Eligible Organizations

Service Organizations | Arts Organizations | Parks and Recreational Organizations | Libraries | Professional Associations | Public and Non-Public Schools | Cities, Townships, and Villages | Individual Artists (POD Grants only)


MACC preK-12 School Grants

Two opportunities are available to Michigan preK-12 schools to assist with access to the arts through transportation and supply funds.


  • Arts Equipment & Supplies Grants​

  • Bus Grants

Fiscal Year 2023 Deadlines


Round 1 School Grants

Deadline has passed. (August 3, 2022)

Notification to applicants sent on September 20, 2022.

*Round 2 School Grants

Applications being accepted now, and will be awarded until the FY 2023 funds are used.

*NOTE - Round 2 funding is available for School Grants for Region 4B. Not all regions offer Round 2 funding. These are for projects taking place in the schools' 2023 Fiscal Year.

Who Can Apply

You are able to apply for both the Arts Equipment & Supplies Grant and the Bus Grant.

Applicants must be accredited Michigan preK-12 educational institutions

Public or Non-Public School | Private School |  Home School | School District | Intermediate School District | Regional Educational Service Agency | Accredited Head Start Program