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LowellArts Gallery

May 13 to June 24, 2023

About the artists

Amanda Acker, from Onekama, MI is a self-taught artist, her work explores what it means to be a human moving through the natural world.

Lynn Anderson, from Grand Rapids, MI, paints in the loose impressionist style, paying close attention to the color notes found in the shadows, while emphasizing the texture of natural habitats.

Emma Bandos, from Grand Rapids, MI, teaches art at Lowell High School. She loves creating work using a variety of mediums and typically uses bright colors while combining realistic and unrealistic aspects. 

Elizabeth Barick Fall, from Ann Arbor, MI, is a mixed media and installation artist and photographer whose work is fueled by her passion for nature and the environment and deep concern for social justice. 

Rebecca Casement, from Flint, MI, is a multimedia visual artist who creates affective abstract sculptures and installations using ceramics, mixed media, sound, and textiles. 

Christine Cosgrove, from Lowell, MI, is an art teacher at Lowell High School.  Christine earned her bachelor's degree in Art Education with an emphasis in Ceramics in 2009 from Grand Valley State University. 

Elaine Dalcher, from Grand Rapids, MI, uses a close-up, immersive perspective, strong, bold color and energetic brushwork to invite the viewer into the paintings and to offer a fresh, intimate vision of the familiar.  

Sarah Ellis, from Lowell, MI, is a Spanish and Art teacher at Lowell High School. Her work has been featured in local, regional, and national news outlets, including the New York Times. 

Susan Ellison, from Ada, MI, is a lifelong artist whose mediums have recently been either graphite or oil paint with a primary focus on landscape ranging from traditional natural landscapes to urban and industrial themes interpreted in a loosely representational manner.  

Laurén Gerig Brady, from Charlotte, MI, is an artist whose work is an exploration of landscape, memory, and responding to current environments through expressive mark-making and bold use of color. 

Rebecca Gonzalez Cifaldi, from Ann Arbor, MI, is a photographer, artist, graphic design historian, and educator. Rebecca has an MFA in photography from Columbia College Chicago and is an Assistant Professor in the Art, Art History, and Design department at Michigan State University.

Kathleen Kalinowski, from Comstock Park, MI, is a contemporary impressionist painter. The inspiration and concepts which inform her work stem from the many years of painting outdoors en plein air.  

Debra Reid Jenkins, from Lowell, MI, uses different visual languages to tell the same story. Working with oil and cold wax, the patterns and textures observed in nature have become a strong design element in the creation of movement in her paintings.

Karen VanDam Michmerhuizen, from Holland, MI, is an artist whose journey began with a new box of Crayolas, followed by the enjoyment of experimenting with watercolor, oil, cold wax, and always pursuing the next idea. Karen's subjects usually are the everyday and ordinary beauty too often overlook.

Mary Jane Pories, from Grand Rapids, MI, is an award-winning improvisational artist, teacher, performer, and entrepreneur. Mary Jane's work reflects her improvisational approach to the world. 

Joy Richmond, from Hamilton, MI, uses various mediums of oils, pastels, and watercolors to find the extraordinary in the ordinary so that the viewers can experience and see the visual  beauty that is all around us.

Barbara Schilling, from Grand Rapids, MI, is an artist whose  current work influenced by contemporary Russian Impressionism. Their work is more about creating an energy than a strict representation of the subject, while combining a mix of realism, Impressionism and expressionism.”  

Sri Soekarmoen McCarthy, from Wyoming, MI, is a Javanese born artist whose cheerful personality and multicultural background are reflected throughout her work. She is fearless and finds joy in experimenting with new methods and collaborating with other artists. 

Judith Tummino, from Lowell, MI, is an artist who paints from observation in order to capture the essence of the motif, whether still life, landscape, or figurative, in order to freeze a moment in time which will never be the same again.


Connections is a group of 4 distinct exhibitions by 4 groups of artists. A total of 19 artists are represented, and within each group, the artists have connected with each other through their artwork – forming relationships, discovering commonalities, and creating synergy with one another.


The 4 exhibitions are titled: Save What We Found, Sister Scripts, Explorations: Textures and Patterns in Nature, and Inspiration.

Artist Reception:

Sunday, May 21, 2:00-4:00pm

This event is open to the public, light refreshments will be served.


Gallery Hours May 13 to June 24: 

Tuesday through Friday 10:00am-6:00pm​

Saturday 12:00-5:00pm



Textures and Patterns in Nature


Lynn Anderson
Elaine Dalcher
Susan Ellison
Kathleen Kalinowski
Debra Reid Jenkins
Karen VanDam Michmerhuizen
Joy Richmond
Barbara Schilling
Judith Tummino

Sister Scripts

Mary Jane Pories
Sri Soekarmoen McCarthy

Save What We Found

Amanda Acker
Elizabeth Barick Fall
Rebecca Casement
Laurén Gerig Brady
Rebecca Gonzalez Cifaldi


Emma Bandos
Christine Cosgrove
Sarah Ellis

Color collage of artwork featured in Connections exhibit. The title "Connections" appears in the image.
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